RHB Bank Berhad

The Branch has had a presence in Thailand since 28 February 1964. From its inception in Thailand till 15 December 1996, the Bank was known as the United Malayan Banking Corporation Berhad. On 16 December 1996, the Bank was renamed Sime Bank Berhad, reflecting the change in ownership under the Sime Darby Group of Malaysia. Following the banking merger exercise in Malaysia, the Branch emerged as part of RHB Bank Berhad on 13 May 1999. The RHB Banking Group has come a long was since the acquisition and merger of DCB Bank and Kwong Yik Bank in 1997 and it is today the third largest banking group in Malaysia following its merger with Sime Bank Berhad in 1999. RHB Bank Berhad in Thailand is a branch office of the RHB Banking Group with its Head Office in Malaysia. RHB Bank Berhad is a 70% owned subsidiary of RHB Capital Berhad.

RHB Bank Berhad
G Fl./18 Fl., M. Thai Tower, All Seasons Place, 87 Wireless Rd., Lumpini เขต ปทุมวัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330
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